"1000 Pteradactyl Horns"! this is a piece of music that i made all by myself!  Check out the piano and drums!

Check out a piece I made if you’re into original indie rock / classic sounding rock. old piece, thought i’d post it…

happy day! here’s a song i’ve made, give it a listen!

my new piano and drums piece.  if you listen closely you’ll also hear some bass guitar and briefly some electric guitar. had fun with this piece. ***this is a sample of the longer tune.  the whole piece is about 8 and a half minutes total, hence the snipping done for this sample…

(free piano from craigslist.com i paid for the gas to haul it to my place..  i’ve been so happy with it!)

i’m very excited, i’ve finished up a new album, it was really fun making it.  you can find it on www.cdbaby.com/cd/lapseandrecover2

a remix i did from an older tune of mine called “paradigm shift” off of a cd i put out in 2004 called Blackstone #101.  this piece is now mostly instrumental but i kept the vocals at the end and sort of tweeked them around (2:01).  like i said this is sort of an older tune very different than the more recent stuff i’ve been making.  cheers!